Julianne Nieh 聶均竹



  • [JULIANNE'S JEMS #12] - Over the course of this entire year and pageant experience, the biggest lesson I learned was to embrace the journey, and not focus on the end destination. I believe that life is an absolute miracle and blessing, but if we are too fixated on a future goal, we can forget that this present moment is so precious. On top of that, we probably grew so much in the process. So today I hope you will all take the intentional time to celebrate the person you are today, because that person is incredible!

  • [JULIANNE'S JOURNEY #23] - I had a very eventful trip to Vietnam, and visited many places! I went there with my friend from Thailand, and we rode on a rocking boat, went to Bana Hills Amusement park, went to the beach and explored the city of Honoi! Again, there was incredible food! Pho is one of my favorites and we had some very authentic noodles~

  • [JUST JULIANNE #18] - I think Korea is one of the best places to get fun and professional photoshoots, whether its in a studio or not! Last summer, I had lots of photoshoot opportunities with my family. On the left side was at a professional photo studio. The top right was a studio that had a vintage fashion theme! And on the bottom, this was in a Korean city called 'KyungJu' where people can rent Korean traditional garments called 'Hanbok' to wear and take photos!

  • [JULIANNE'S JOURNEY #22] - Have you watched Emily in Paris? I haven't yet but I heard its really good! Here is a throwback to my trip to Paris! I was there for 2 days but that was enough to visit the Eiffel Tower, eat lots and lots of macarons (my absolute favorite dessert!), drink tea at local cafes and each cheese fondue! Since I can speak French, this was a great opportunity to practice!

  • [JUST JULIANNE #17] - I was looking through my old photos and I found some from my graduation prom, and my younger sister's graduation this year! If you look closely at the photo on the left, you can see me on the phone screen! I was in Hong Kong at the time and couldn't attend her ceremony, so I called in instead. My sister has really grown so much in the last 4 years!

  • [JULIANNE'S JOURNEY #21] - I had an amazing time in Japan with my sister and mom! It was a short trip of just 3 days but we made the most out of it! I especially loved when we rented these kimonos in Kyoto and wandered the city! We also got to eat so much delicious food (of course!) like this soufflé pancake!

  • [JUST JULIANNE #16] - The greatest gift I received from travelling 26 countries in the last 2 years, was the friends I made along the way. I am grateful to have spent 2 school semesters abroad in Denmark and China, and travelling with my international friends. We celebrated birthdays together, studied together, cried together and laughed together. I now know that whenever I go to see them again, it will be like we were never apart. I truly hope to be able to see them again soon!

  • [JULIANNE'S JEMS #11] - There was a period of my life where I was afraid to pursue my goals, because I didn't want others to perceive me as 'too much'. But I've learned to realize how important it is to be unapologetically ourselves, and go after our biggest dreams. It is not selfish to pursue your passion- in fact it is one of the most selfless things you can do because your actions will show others that they too can live their dream lives. So even when it is scary and uncomfortable, I will always choose to shine my brightest light- I encourage you to do so too!

  • [JULIANNE'S JOURNEY #20] - Last year was my first time in South-East Asia and my first stop was Thailand! I had such an incredible time exploring the temples, eating all the delicious street food and visiting elephants at a rescue centre! I was very lucky because I have a friend from Thailand who allowed me to stay at her house while I was there. Her parents owned 2 restaurants so they fed me lots of food everyday!!

  • [JUST JULIANNE #16] - Whoever knows me will know that I LOVE BTS! They are a K-pop boy group that lifts up my spirits and reminds me that everything is going to be ok. During my exchange in 2018, I was lucky enough to get tickets to see BTS in the Netherlands! This was their first tour in Europe and it just happened to be when I was there! Needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience. I don't think I've ever screamed or cheered that much! Furthermore, it was a special day because it was also my favorite member (Jimin's) birthday! The name of the tour was 'Love Yourself' and it is a message a hold dearly.

  • [JULIANNE'S JOURNEY #19] - Amongst all the cities I visited in Europe, I must say that Prague was my favorite! It is difficult to pinpoint an exact reason, but I definitely felt the most at ease while I was there! The streets were narrow and winding, there was a castle at the top of the mountain and of course, delicious food and dessert! It is also a city with alot of history and culture, so I also really enjoyed learning about that.

  • [JUST JULIANNE #15] - I have so many tap dance videos, I couldn't just share one! In the last few years of my tap dance 'career' I had the opportunity to join a professional student dance ensemble, where we went to various school in the province to perform for students! I loved this experience because we did some acting skits, danced, and inspired the students to try tap dancing!

  • [JULIANNE'S JEMS #10] - I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a human being, and one of these ways is to let go of comparison. However, I realized that this is very difficult- as human beings it is natural to compare ourself to others as it is a survival instinct. But what is more important, is to be aware of when you compare yourself to others, then bring your focus back to yourself and the actions you can control. When I let go of the self-judgement I had, it brought me alot of peace. Comparing yourself to others doesn't make you a bad person! But just remember to not stay in that negative space.

  • [JULIANNE'S JOURNEY #18] - Last year from September-December 2019, I had the opportunity to go on my second exchange trip to Shenzhen, China! While I was there, I got to explore many parts of the country, including Beijing. The last time I was in China I was around 3 years old so it was so great to be back and capture the memories! The best part was going to the Great Wall at 6AM and watching the mesmerizing sunset. It really reminded me how beautiful this earth truly is~

  • [JULIANNE'S JOURNEY #17] - Vienna was one of the most beautiful European cities I visited! If I could describe it in one word, it would be 'elegant'. Even the H&M was decorated in gold! My friends and I were very lucky because on the day we were leaving, it was the first day the Christmas market opened! We ate delicious food and hot apple cider~