Beryl Liu 劉蓓瑞爾



  • 【幕后】今年年初去客串了学姐的毕业影片! // 【BTS】Behind the Scenes of a NYU Grad Film thesis short! It was super fun to help both in front and behind the scenes!

  • 今年的我学到了太多,更了解了自己,也相信一切都是最好的安排!// This year taught me so much about resilience and trust the path that I am on!

  • 【作品集】去年的一个小作业,我们要模仿以为喜欢的导演。我选择的是王家卫。这个背景音乐就来自他的《重庆森林》。可以说我是很喜欢梦幻的视觉体验~ // 【Portfolio】This was a little project from my class last year. We were supposed to "cover" a director that inspires us and so I picked Wong Kar Wai. Being a big fan of his work and techniques, I took inspiration from the background music from Chungking Express and created a little short. It is quite dreamesque!

  • 【幕后】想念和朋友们一起拍摄的那种团队精神! // 【BTS】Dearly missing those long shooting nights!

  • 【纽约2】疫情: 今年经历了独居在曼哈顿,经历了疫情的爆发。3月份的第一周我们就突然转成网课,没想到居然开始了2个月的足不出户的独居隔离生活。那段期间我学习到了自己很多,也更加坚信自己的道路。//【NYC 2】The Epicenter: I was in Manhattan when Covid-19 hit NYC the hardest early March. My classes suddenly all switched online and I began a two month long quarantine alone. It was a pivotal experience and through this process I learned a lot about myself and what I want to achieve in this life time. Deeply grateful for all the unexpected surprises in life!

  • 【电影与我】今年点出,我参加了 Sundance Film Festival 2020, 是一个非常有意思的体验。我感受到了大家对独立电影的热情和对新人的鼓励!不过真的好冷,而且海拔也特别高~ //【Film & Me】 Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend Sundance Film Festival. It was amazing to experience a festival with such a warming culture. I felt the deep support for indie filmmakers and the welcoming atmosphere to new comers. Though it was a wonderful experience, I actually experienced quite serious altitude sickness - but still unforgettable!

  • 【戏剧与我】 真的好想念戏剧,每一次12小时的排练,和每一场独一无二的演出。这个是我去年在纽约大学的一部剧目! // 【Theatre】I dearly miss long days of rehearsals and very unique performance night. This was from last semester when I was part of a NYU production for Bertolt Brecht's A Good Soul of Szechuan.

  • 【作品集2】 纽约,纽约: 这个是我去年年底和我的好闺蜜Emily一起做的一个小视频,现在回头看很是想念那段时光呢!// 【Portfolio 2】New York, New York: Got a little too excited last year when I just moved to NYC and made a little video (featuring Emily).

  • 【幕后】去年的一些幕后点滴! // 【BTS】Behind the Scenes of a project I was on last year!

  • 【纽约1】新的开始:去年,我开始了戏剧和电影的研究生学业,同时也启动了我的“纽漂”的生活。这座城市充满了无限的可能和努力奋斗的人们,我也无形中在这座城市希望可以成长成更好的自己。// 【NYC 1】New Beginnings: I moved to New York last year and began my graduate students in film and theatre. This sleepless city is like no other. The energy of the people and the hustle propels me to become more driven than ever to strive to become to best version of myself.

  • 【幕后点滴1】梦境镜幕后: 这个片段是我们拍摄的一个幕后视频,我在这里同时拍摄同时导演,大家齐心协力,经过凌晨的12条终于得到满意的那个镜头! 【BTS 1】Rêverie 11:12: This was a behind the scenes video of the scene that I shot in the previous post! My shoulders were so sore after being both the DP and the director at the same time. After 12 takes at 12:30am in the morning, we finally got the take. This could not have been done without the team work!

  • 【蒙特利尔的4年】大学本科在蒙特利尔是我17岁开始独自生活的启程点,在这座独特的城市我学会了如果面对压力,感谢这座城市的所有才成就了今天的我!(也练习到了怎么抗冷哈哈)// 【4 Years in Montréal】This is the city where I began life alone in the east. The four years taught me how to take care of myself, take responsibility, face stress, and grow up. I will always be grateful for my time here in this unique winter city as I would not be who I am with it. (It was a little too cold though)

  • 【作品集1】梦境镜: 我的大学毕业作品是一个由自己担任导演,联合制片,及演员的短片 Rêverie 11:12。从前期,拍摄,到后期经历了短短的3个月,在过程中尝试了很多,也在创作中感到非常的满足。 以下是我最喜欢的片段! //【Portfolio 1】 Rêverie 11:12 is my first attempt to articulate the theoretical frameworks I've learned throughout my theatre major, specifically inspired by the Trickster figure from Canadian Indigenous theatre. This is merged with my artistic and aesthetic approaches and my constant interest to creatively explore themes of time, dreams and reality. Above is my favourite scene.

  • 【电影与我2】戛纳之旅:2018年我去了71届戛纳电影节,那几天像是梦一般,感受了一个国际的影视盛典。每一部观看的电影都非常的有意义,是一次非常难忘的经历,也结识到了很多从世界各地同样热爱电影的朋友。我得到了很多启发要努力以后也能创作出同意有意义的作品,期待以后有机会再回去! // 【Film & Me 2】71e Festival de Cannes: I was beyond lucky to have attended the 71e Festival de Cannes in 2018. It would a magical experience as I truly felt a global celebration of the art of cinema in those days. I walked out of each screening of a film awed by their immense artistry and moved by the powerful stories. This experience deeply inspired me to work hard on my craft and hopefully return soon one day again!

  • 【戏剧与我】戏剧系:本科的几年我同时修了政治与戏剧系,在每个戏剧课里我通过很多剧本都能学到很多人文历史,每个演出也有不一样的体验。就像莎士比亚所说,“全世界是一个舞台,所有的男男女女都是演员。” 这张照片,是我毕业大戏的最后一场演出的落幕时刻。 // 【Theatre & Me 1】A Drama & Theatre Major: I pursued a double major at McGill University in Political Science and Drama & Theatre. In my Theatre program, I learn more about the world, our culture and civilization through each of the plays. Just like what Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It, "All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;" This photo is taken during the curtain call for my last show at McGill.