Rida Wang 王浩瑞



  • 很多人看到我跳舞和弹琴的一面都会觉得我很淑女,但其实我也有很帅的一面哦~ Papillion is one of my favourite raps!!! Enjoy~

  • Here's a behind-the-scene clip of the first film I participated in where I acted as a firefighter and a police woman. I had the opportunity to work with 安志杰Andy On, 黄家达Carter, and many amazing actors + awesome crew!!

  • 4th one from the right is me!! I am a flute player in York House School band. Our band travelled and competed in Hawaii, Whistler, and over 6 cities in Italy. What a wonderful memory~

  • Last Christmas, my friends and I served hot meals for over 1000 homeless in Downtown Vancouver. We also packed Christmas gifts as well as donations we've gathered for them! Even though COVID has hit, it will not stop us from doing something meaningful this year. On November 30th, we will be giving out meals again.

  • 这是我去年主持谭晶演唱会的一些小片段~ 好希望疫情快点结束,这样我就可以去听更多的演唱会啦!This is a special moment of me MCing for TanJing's concert in Vancouver!!

  • This is a photo of me dancing a Dai Minority dance called at the Heart2Heart fundraising banquet which we've organized in high school. I really do miss those high school memories already~

  • I was MC for a global charity event hosted by Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation with the support of UNICEF. 这是我主持的一场慈善活动并且得到了联合国儿童基金会的支持!

  • This is a photo on May 14th where we donated 30,000 face masks to hospitals and senior homes. During that time, many people are having a hard time to purchase face masks as they were all sold out. I reached out to my friend, Scott, in China and was able to ship boxes of face masks to Vancouver. I really hope we can all together prevent the Covid-19 from spreading.

  • 大家还记得 2018 Sunshine Nation吗?今年参加MCVP 2020的比赛时经常会想到SSN比赛的美好时光,好怀念呀!

  • A short clip of Peacock Dance from a previous performance~~ Enjoy!!

  • 4 year old mini Rida dancing in a dance competition in Beijing! 这是我4岁时到北京参加舞蹈比赛的视频~~ 哈哈哈 是不是没有想到我学的第一种舞蹈是拉丁舞呀?

  • 又到了滑雪的季节啦 这是我去年滑雪的视频~ 虽然大家一定和我一样迫不及待,但是现在疫情非常严重 希望大家尽可能的少外出哦。滑雪也要带好面罩和做好防护措施~

  • 这是我采访张纪中导演的照片。小时候就很喜欢看他的作品,没想到长大后可以在温哥华采访到导演本人。太开心了吧~ I have watched many films directed by Zhang JiZhong director since i was little, and I can't believe I am able to do an interview with him in Vancouver!

  • 这是我去年在清华大学交换的照片。在校园里 我和朋友们一起骑车上课,打篮球,参加不同的社团,写论文和演讲。真的有好多美好的回忆呀~ 大家知不知道学校食堂里的菜真的超级好吃哟。想到了食堂里美味的包子,我的口水都快流出来啦!This is a photo I took during my exchange to Tsinghua University. I had so many great memories there but what I missed the most is the delicious food in the cafeterias. Trust me, they have some of the best foods there!!

  • 这个夏天,我喜爱上了打高尔夫球。每周只要一有时间,我都会和朋友们一起去探索不同的球场。我发现加拿大的球场风景真的是太美丽啦!I fell in love with playing golf this summer and whenever I have time, I would go explore different golf courses with my friends. The views are absolutely amazing!! Guess which golf course did I film this video?