Vicky Wu 吳曉鈴



  • Real or fake? This is a yam bread that I made. The outside skin is actually bread and the inside stuffing is real yam mixed with condensed milk and butter! Mmm.... did I trick you?! 這是我做的"真真假假紫薯包"。 其實它是一個偽裝成紫薯的蕃薯麵包,外表像紫薯,內裡也有如假包換的真蕃薯。是不是有騙到你呢?

  • 疫情居家的時候也要不停找各種事情充實自己。我嘗試了畫水彩,可以陶冶性情還可以放鬆自己。During lockdown, I found different hobbies and watercoloring was one of them... what did you do when you stayed home during this pandemic?

  • 人生就像爬大山,努力只為看到更遠的風景,當然也別忘了享受那個過程! Persistence leads to farther and more beautiful view that you can see. Of course, don't forget to enjoy the scenery as you climb!

  • This is Salvation Mountain that I visited in Los Angeles. It took Leonard Knight almost 20 years to have this artwork built! Little commitment everyday leads to great result. 這是在洛杉磯的救贖山,是一位對基督教虔誠信仰的爺爺Leonard Knight花了將近20多年才建造完的一個創作。I am so amazed! 我相信很做很多事情都只要靠每天多一點點的付出,讓時間慢慢沈澱,就會有達成目標的一天。

  • This pizza is so big! It was really good though.

  • 這是我十六歲時跟爸爸媽媽的合照。我10歲的時候就跟家人移民來到溫哥華,媽媽就在加拿大一直照顧我跟我的姊姊還有哥哥,爸爸呢就一直做空中飛人,會在中國跟加拿大兩邊跑。現在長大之後家人都回流中國居住,大部分時間就剩下我自己一個人留在這裡生活,這個生活經驗久而久之讓我慢慢變得獨立,堅強,跟勇敢。This is a photo of a 16 year old me and my parents. Time surely flies!

  • I've been trying to make different colors of smoothie bowls lately. It's so yummy and fun to make! What's your favourite color? 最近很喜歡研究做不同顏色跟口味的奶昔smoothie bowl。吃得健康而且做的時候也很有樂趣。

  • I love trying out new restaurants and collecting different kinds of yummies! 喜歡嘗試不同的餐廳,收集不同的味道。

  • Have you ever wonder what is it like working behind the scenes for the airport? I worked at the Vancouver Airport Authority for eight months in the Human Resources Department as an intern when I was in my third year at university. It was such an eye opening experience for me to see how the airport operates as a whole!

  • Life is art... live yours in color by trying new things! 多彩的人生是靠自己不停的努力爭取的...加油!

  • 喜歡現在的生活,有趣有盼,努力上進。

  • Who doesn't love sweets?! 對我來說吃不同的東西就是收集幸福感的好方法。

  • "I collect memories, and not things!" I love travelling and finding beauty all over the world. One of my favourite travel destination was New York. I went there for a Christmas two years ago and I thought I was living in a movie!

  • 溫哥華最近下太多雨了...需要一些陽光與沙灘..你說呢?! Miss travelling and the days where we can go wherever! For everything that we took for granted before 2020, now I have learned to cherish everything that we have in the present.

  • 無論遇到什麼困難,都記得戴上陽光和微笑,去遇見溫暖跟幸福。 ♥