Kitty Yao 姚珮泓



  • 当我被告知我进入华裔小姐第二轮面试时,评审提出想看我画画的才艺,并给我一分钟的表演时间。 但是平时我画的石膏像和油画都是要十几个小时,实在很难在两天内准备好表演并达到震撼评判的效果。本来我是拒绝的,我害怕表现不好而落选。可是另外一方面,我明白这是一个让我表现的机会,而我更明白有些机会过去就不再有了。我灵机一动,想到Glitter Painting。我用胶水画出华裔小姐的logo,然后洒上金粉。 既有视觉效果,又能展示我的基本功。

  • 今年的疫情是在太庞大,对我们每个人的计划都有些许的改变。今年年初我本应该前往清华大学做交换生。但是在开学前两个星期,因为疫情的爆发取消了。当时我立马跟学校协商改转国家,有幸被美国Berkeley大学录取。可怕的是美国三月也爆发了。不过天无绝人之路,因为疫情也造就了一位华裔小姐Kitty。我相信一切都是最好的安排。

  • 另外在香港意外收获一帮志同道合的挚友兼同事。他们都是从五湖四海来的学生,有澳洲,新西兰,美国,中国和加拿大。在假期的时候,我们一起游玩香港,泰国,广州,和深圳。

  • I took the initiative to travel to Hong Kong alone for an internationship internship at PwC as an Audit Intern. 面对所有生活和工作上的惊喜与惊吓,这四个月充实并难忘着。每天都是给自己的考验与机会成长,活出最美的自己。

  • 岁月不饶人,我也未曾饶过岁月

  • 不去体会,无法知道别人的辛苦。多数人熟睡的凌晨,已经是卫生署第一个班次的开始。一天三个班次,分别是早上7点,10点和晚上9点。超过100人的团队,默默付出,就是为了守护城市的健康。

  • 我想感谢城市环卫人员。他们是容易被忽略,但又是至关重要的城市枢纽。试想,如果垃圾無法按时得到有效清理,它會滋生出更多的細菌。我們的城市將會面臨癱瘓。I want to thank and raise awareness for the City of Vancouver Sanitation Service (garbage collectors). They are a vital hub to the city's health issues. If our garbage is not cleared promptly, bacteria and viruses will grow exponentially. This will negatively impact our cityscape and increase the spread of COVID 19.

  • I started drawing at the age of 8. Attending a 2-hour lesson every week for 10 years, I mastered cartoon figures, watercolor, oil painting and sculptures. My most satisfying artwork is a sculpture sketching of David. It is a masterpiece in the Renaissance. I am in the process of drawing “Monalisa” which requires a minimum of 20 hours to complete.

  • I started swimming at the age of 8. During my progress to become a lifeguard, I have completed many programs that train me to exceed my physical limitations, methods of rescue, and fluently respond to many different medical conditions. I have received my certificate in the Standard CPR first aid program, where we learned to treat burns and lesions etc. responding to urgent situations.

  • I love the feeling of alway being on the road. It is nice and hot to sit on 1983 Lava at Hawaii in December.

  • Having the opportunity to contribute to a such collaborative team as a Vice President was the greatest time I had during my Bachelor's Degree. This is a remarkable student association where I learned my Cantonese. I would like to credit all my teammates for helping me straighten my accent.

  • More practice on aiming.

  • What will be the first thing that comes in your mind when you are about to jump off a 150 ft bridge?

  • A daring drop from 150ft had me free-falling head first from a steel bridge. Making the leap off the bridge takes a lot of nerves and courage.

  • Writing music for my talent show~ 音乐需要不断的雕作 才能不被时间所褪色~