MCVP 2020 This is YOUR Moment

Infinite Possibilities
2020 has been surreal for all of us as the unprecedented global crisis COVID-19 hits the world hard. In this pandemic pause, the earth enters into a virus-driven ice-age. However, billions of people are determined to move on regardless and step into the virtual world to discover infinite possibilities. With glamorous legacies, the prestigious Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant will be breaking away from its formal pageant roots to embrace a completely different format this year, transcending from the dazzling stage to the mesmerizing virtual platform. Spearheaded by YOU, the Pageant will unfold a new chapter in the long history of MCVP!
Practicing social distancing and limiting large gatherings do not mean losing human interactions. Internet keeps everyone connected during these uncertain times, and even inspires people to explore deeper into the digital space. This year, the finalists will own the cyber-stage and portray their unique self-images. The whole transformation process in this one-of-a-kind journey will be documented and shared to every corner of the planet through Fairchild TV’s electronic outlets and social media platforms, culminating in a quintessential manifestation of stardom at the Final.
The whole world is watching! Your smile, gesture, and creativity are some of the key qualities judges will be looking for. Fairchild TV is honoured to invite Assistant General Manager (Non Drama) of TVB, Ms. Sandy Yu to join the judge panel and meet with the finalists online this year. For young ambitious ladies who decide to pursue their dreams in the entertainment sector, you are now one step closer to your career launch than others!
This is YOUR Moment
In the library of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant’s Classic Moments, numerous success stories can be found, including Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Leanne Li, Eliza Sam, and Gloria Tang, all currently top-notch artistes sought-after by many in the industry. Former MCV Kayi Cheung, Carat Cheung, Veronica Shiu, Alycia Chan, and Linna Huynh competed in Miss Hong Kong Pageant equipped with an impressive portfolio at Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. Their great efforts were rewarded tremendously! In addition to remarkable achievements in the TV industry, they are also famous influencers with a large fanbase.
Linda Chung Eliza Sam Gloria Tang Veronica Shiu
Kayi Cheung Carat Cheung Alycia Chan Linna Huynh
Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant is Your Moment!
Your passion cannot wait! Register before October 7 (Wednesday) by 5pm to shine bright on the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant platform. Every significant moment of your self-transformation will be captured and celebrated in a series of special programs. Once you have logged in, your Perfect Moment will soon be your present moment!