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Amy Tso

Age: 25
Birth place: Hong Kong
Education: Biology and French @ Wellesley College (Bachelor)
Biotechnology @ Columbia University (Master)

In what way are you inspired by the year 2020? 2020 inspires my outlook in life – becoming increasingly grateful for the small everyday things.

In the future, how would you describe your experience to people who have never gone through COVID-19? At the beginning, it was depressing to wake up and listen to the news about the increasing death toll, alongside the falling economy. However, I learned to see the light in the dark as I got to spend more time with my family and found a renewed appreciation for modern technology that enabled people around the world to stay connected during this period of isolation.

What did you learn while staying at home for a few months? Quarantine brought out my creativity in self-entertainment. I learned how to sew stuffed animals, bake and paint.