Amy Tso 曹榕容


最欣賞的成功女性:Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • I went to DJ School in the Netherlands for a summer, and while my main goal was to learn music production, I also got to take lessons in DJ-ing and disc scratching. Music is one of my greatest passions, to the point that I once considered going to music school instead of pursuing my master’s degree in science. In the end, I decided I can have the best of both worlds and I am determined to continue making music a part of my life in the future – it is my therapy and what makes me happy! 有一年夏天,我去到了荷蘭的DJ學校,其實我的主要目的是學習音樂製作,我還參加了D J操作和光盤捽擦方面的課程。音樂是讓我最充滿激情的一個事情,我甚至考慮過上音樂學院而不去讀一個科學碩士,最後我決定要兩全其美,我決心讓音樂成為我生命中的一部分,它是我的自愈方式並讓我充滿快樂。

  • As President of the Period Project in college, I organized a Halloween fundraiser called “Trick or Tampon” to collect feminine hygienic products and money donations for women and children living in homeless shelters in Boston. It is imperative that all women have equal and easy access to these products without financial burden. 作為學院女性經期項目的主席,我組織了一個名為"Trick or Tampon”的萬聖節籌款活動,為波士頓無家可歸庇護中心的婦女收集女性衛生用品和籌募資金。讓所有女性不會因為財政的困難而無法得到這些物品是一個急切需要解決的問題。

  • While it is comfortable to stay wrapped up at home, it is important to stay connected to the world outside of our little bubbles. Traveling has made me a more open-minded and wiser person. Thus far, I have visited over 20 countries and hope to see more of the world in the future. 當你很舒適的呆在家裡的時候,偶爾脫離你的小圈子跟外面的世界發生聯繫非常的重要。旅行讓我眼界開闊,變成一個思想更加開放的人。到目前為止,我曾經去過20幾個國家,希望將來可以看到更多的世界。

  • Boxing has given me an indescribable type of confidence. There lies beauty in strength. 拳擊帶給我一種言語難以表達的自信,它的美麗深藏在力量之中。

  • Our last family trip before COVID was to Mexico. Traveling has always been important to us as a family, not only because we get to live the amazing experiences our world has to offer, but also to learn about different cultures and expand our perspectives. 在疫情之前的最後一次旅行是去墨西哥。跟家人一起旅行總是非常的重要,它不單是讓我們一家人去共同經歷這個世界的美妙,同時也讓我們體驗到不同的文化,開闊眼界。

  • It's important to always take time out to breathe -- mental health matters. 偶爾停下來,讓自己放鬆一下,精神健康至關重要。

  • It's been 7 years since I have been home in Vancouver to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Being away from home and living independently for so long makes coming home all the more beautiful. 離開家,獨自生活了七年之後,今年我在溫哥華跟我的家人一起慶祝感恩節。這一切讓我覺得和家人團聚是一件多麼美好事情。

  • The light of my life. 我生命之光。

  • Attending Wellesley, an all-women's college had always been a #1 goal of mine. For four years, I was surrounded by incredibly intelligent, outspoken and empowering young women, who have inspired the confidence and drive in me to pursue my dreams with unyielding strength. In fact, I lived in the same dorm Soong Mei-Ling had when she attended Wellesley. Since I graduated in 2017, I have achieved things I never would have thought possible or dared to try without the courage I found during my time in college. Above all, Wellesley has taught me this: Be bold. Be daring. Be you. And it goes without saying that my mom has been the most supportive person in my life.

  • If I could describe success in one word, it would be happiness. You only have one life and I am determined to live mine to the fullest! 如果要我用一個字來形容成功,那將會是快樂。因為生命只有一次,我希望可以盡可能地活得豐盛而快樂。

  • My family is incredibly important to me! Their love and support have shaped who I am today. We decided to wear matching shirts on our trip to Europe and I promise no one got lost. My dad likes to joke he is carrying "Thing 5" in his belly. 我的家人在我的心目中無比重要,是他們的愛和支持成就了今天的我。在歐洲旅行的時候,我們決定穿上一致的服裝,這樣我們就不怕失散了。我爸爸非常喜歡的玩笑是他的肥肚子裡有我們家的”第5號人物“。

  • I spent the first 6 years of my life in Hong Kong, where I had lots of fun in preschool! This is where I initially learned English and developed a slight British accent because my teachers were from England, but now my accent is 100% Canadian. I often reminisce my time in HK, where I was a very happy (and mischievous) kid! 我生命中的頭六年生活在香港,在那裡,我度過了學前班的快樂時光。因為我的英文老師來自於英格蘭,所以當時我說話還有一點點英倫風呢,但是現在我是百分之一百的加拿大口音。我經常回憶我在香港的時候,我還是那個快樂的,又有些調皮搗蛋的小孩子。